Exhibited at Konstfack, 2021, Stockholm, Sweden

The Divine mother – Giver of life and pain, 2021

110 x 110 x 1 cm 

Waterjet cut glass, metal fallos construction, plastic barbell clamp, fur jacket, cigarettes, buttplug 


The daughter, 2021

110 x 110 x 1 cm

Waterjet cut glass, metal fallos construction, plastic barbell clamp, fur jacket, buttplug


A silent whisper or a violent roar. 

Small memories of things left unsaid.

Small reminders of things passed. 

Of things once called home.

Maybe i’ll dive deep, deep in to the darkest places of the mind.

Penetrated surfaces of fear, pain and loss.

There i’ll find all the things you forgot to tell me.

Time goes by so slowly, not more than a fraction of a star, dying millions of light years away. 

No stars alined tonight, 

Terror in her eyes.

Violently you penetrate my flesh, through our memories of abandonment and silence.

I carry your skin with me every single minute of every single breath.

Like an open wound – I carry the sorrow you gave me.

I wake up in your skin,

I’ll call you in the morning – just to hear your voice – one more time.

A primitive pain, i’ll carry it for you, til the end of times.