That desire

Exhibited in group exhibition Nectar, Inter.pblc, 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

Engraved glass dildos and buttplugs, metal chain & meat hooks

That desire consists of five unique hand-blown, engraved glass dildos and buttplugs hanging from five meat hooks, attached to a crystal-entangled metal chain. Like a brightly illuminated chandelier, it becomes an unignorable, dangling centerpiece of intense opulence, that stares back at you with eyes reminiscent of distant, innumerable stars and galaxies. It evokes an immediate and obvious sense of sexual lust and desire, that, after drawing you with its’ chandelier-like form and function, becomes the enchanting focal point of the work. Engraved with words of devotion and tantalizing poems, each individual, erotic and smooth, glass object takes on a character and animate as more than simple tools – they become a suspended dichotomy of the male and female orgasm as a physically manifested, chandelier-like, dream catcher that invites the observer to recontextualize the patriarchal ideals and judgements surrounding sexual deviance, perverted fantasy and forbidden desire.