Group exhibition at Studyforartplatform, Stockholm, Sweden.

27 Oct-25 Nov 2023

with works by:

Georg Nordmark

Mingrui Jiang

Jon Rafman

Paul Ferens

Curated by Nicole Walker

Lucky Syndrome

Welcome to the carnival of life, where Lady Luck often masquerades as a capricious comedian. In

this uproarious spectacle, we present the curious tale of the “Lucky Syndrome” – a condition where

too much luck can turn you into the world’s most unfortunate comedian, all while teaching us that

believing in our luck may be the greatest magic trick of all. Picture this: You’ve won every raffle,

dodged every raindrop, and discovered a four-leaf clover in your cereal box. Life showers you with

fortune, but there’s a catch – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. You find yourself burdened with a

fear of losing it all, like a squirrel hoarding nuts for a storm that may never come. Anxieties brew in

the midst of abundance, as if your rabbit’s foot were made of purest lead. Enter the ringmaster,

Belief. He beckons you to step right up and join his parade. “Believe you’re lucky,” he says, “and

you’ll see the world through golden-tinted glasses!”

Those who embrace this grand illusion, who trust in the universe’s comedic timing, might just

become the stars of their own quirky show. It’s the placebo of fortune, a sugar pill of luck, taken

with a side of whimsy. It’s a slapstick comedy of life’s little hiccups and unexpected twists. The

belief that you’re a fortunate fool can trigger a cascade of fortunate events, as if the universe itself

were your cosmic straight man. You trip, but find a hidden treasure. You stumble, but fall into the

arms of love. You spin the wheel, and the universe winks back. In the grand circus tent of existence,

Lucky Syndrome beckons you to a sideshow of laughter, where the punchline is the paradox of

excess luck, and the real trick is the whimsy of belief. So join us under the big top and discover that

life’s greatest joke might just be the one you play on yourself – the belief that in the comedy of

chaos, it’s the neurotic luck that holds the key to the ultimate punchline.

Text by Nicole Walker