False Dichotomy

Group exhibition at Nordiska Galleriet Archives, Stockholm/Sweden

27 march-28 April 2024

with works by:

Fabian Bergmark Näsman


Johanna Kindahl 

Lina Lundqvist

Matthias Gschwendtner 

Miranda Keyes

Nicole Walker

Vincent De Belleval 

Lukas Stöver

Curated by Nicole Walker

I’ve lived a life in darkness – I can see it now. 
We meditate on the interconnectedness of all things.
In this exploration of the unknown, there is a sense of hope, a recognition that within the depths of darkness lie the seeds of potential. By inviting to transcend the limitations of binary thinking and embrace a future where the horizons are truly infinite. Let it all be reassembled, reshaped, reformed, and regenerated. Let it reawaken the bits of you that slowly have been rotting in the cold. There will be nothing minimal about you. No Inheritance, no more bourgeois nightmares and all that bull-shit. We connect one thing with another, we embrace infinite potential for the future and there is bliss.