Meaningless sacrifices 

Exhibited at Konstfack, 2020, Stockholm, Sweden

Fur jacket moulded in to concrete, travertine table base, glass, video, glass knife hanging on metal chain.


Drip, drop, drip, drop, drip, drop, down to the fucking floor.

She asked herself, will she ever understand the world?

She wore anger in her heart and sadness in her eyes.

We all have a need to feel special. 

Give me all your healthy special-ness. 

Everybody loves fashion!

Everybody loves fashion!

Everybody loves fashion!

Paralyzed face.

When she stopped caring about right and wrong.

Intellectual content creator, intellectually creating content. 

Everything is changing and so are you.

I’m likE u

I bury you here.

I bury your existence under layers of glass where I can’t reach you any longer.

The warmth, the smooth touch of your skin next to mine.

All that comfort.

All that sav′age·ness

You mean nothing to me now

You mean everything to me now

Your dead body means nothing to me now

Let your dead body keep me warm and comfort me.

Be a voice 

Have no voice

#patriarchate, you capitalist beast. 

Let’s do everything your are scared of.

My ass is tired.

I don’t do party’s anymore.

Get down with nature.

Force of nature.

A 100 words of meaning.

Crumbling like frozen roses.

And all the kings shall die.